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We invest in seed and early stage

When you think of your new bright idea getting live - we invite you discuss it with us.
Our passion is creating new products and delivering them to the people.
We are happy to get involved into your entrepreneurship endeavour and contribute to it if we consider your idea viable:


Software R&D

For software/internet based projects/services we can help you with product architecture and development process.

Product development

Feedback on the features of the product, elaboration of strategic direction where to dig further and how to prioritize product development.

Milestone shake-up

Monthly check of the product development. Support of founders and management.

Taste first revenues

How customers want to buy, what they want to buy and how money comes from your sales - these are key questions any business should have answers to. Buena Idea is ready to help you elaborate viable business model and taste first revenues.

Cover more partners

Finding and negotiating with business partners to access target markets.

Expand to neighboring niches

Getting first revenues from customers, looking around to the neighbour markets for revenue expansion; horizontal and vertical integration.

Sales, sales, sales

Sales as a repeatable process - what to do once you started getting growing sales.

Engaging the whole market

Getting validation at your target market - customer acceptance versus market acceptance.

When we expand overseas?

Revision of your business plan, contributing to the more global perspective.

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